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Do you own a truck and require high-quality truck parts and dependable batteries? Look nowhere else!

The top Tuflong and Nagoya brands, imported from China and Japan, are presented to you by CDO Champion Parts Corporation and enjoy a 12-18 months warranty!

Put an end to your battery concerns with our maintenance-free batteries!

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CDO Champion Corporation has a rich history that dates back to the post-World War II era. It was founded in Binondo, Manila, by a group of enterprising brothers who were determined to rebuild the country’s economy. They started out as a small trading company that dealt in various goods, including truck parts.

Over the years, CDO Champion Corporation grew and expanded its operations. In 1975, it became a long-term truck parts provider of truck parts. In 2022, it became the exclusive distributor of the Japanese Brands Tuflong and Nagoya Batteries in Cagayan de Oro.

The journey from Binondo to Cagayan de Oro was not an easy one. It was fraught with challenges and obstacles that tested the company’s resilience and determination. But through hard work and perseverance, CDO Champion Corporation emerged as a leader in the industry.

Today, CDO Champion Corporation is a symbol of excellence and innovation. It continues to provide high-quality products and services to its customers, while also contributing to the growth and development of the local economy.

We Are The Best

Do your vehicles need high-quality truck services? Choose CDO Champion Parts Corporation without a second thought.

With services including oil and lube changes, filter replacements, brake inspections, tire inflation, alignment checks, and even lighting and electrical inspections, our knowledgeable team makes sure your trucks are in peak condition.

We care about keeping your trucks in good working order, not just selling truck components.

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Oil and lube changes, filter replacements, in-depth brake inspections, correct tire inflation, accurate alignment checks, and comprehensive lighting and electrical inspections are just a few of our top-notch truck services.

We are devoted to ensuring that trucks operate as efficiently as possible. Are you prepared to treat your trucks like royalty?

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High-Quality Truck Components And Reliable Batteries.

Only at CDO Champion Parts Corporation can you experience the superiority of the Tuflong and Nagoya brands, which are sourced from China and Japan respectively.

Improve the performance of your truck with our premium items. With our maintenance-free batteries, which are built to keep you on the road without a hitch, embrace hassle-free travel.

Start the process of improving truck performance.

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